Welcome to the CMU WebApps course website. For details about this course, please see our syllabus and course calendar.
To access the course servers, you will need to login with your Andrew identity.
When you are enrolled in this course, you will be able to access the following websites:
  1. Canvas – lecture slides, videos, and homework assignments
  2. Piazza – Q&A, course announcements, office hour schedule
  3. GitHub – sample code shown in lecture
  4. AutoGrader – grading server
  5. Homework #0 – lets you provide your GitHub username so we can create a GitHub repository for you to use in this course – if you do not have a GitHub account, go to https://github.com to create one before doing HW#0
  6. intro – A few simple, "HelloWorld-like" examples
  7. hidden – An example showing the use of hidden fields.
  8. shared – A "shared" to do list example. All users will see the same list.
  9. private – A "private" to do list example. Each browser instance will have its own list.
  10. todolist2 – A shared to do list that stores it's data in the database, demonstrating Models.
  11. addrbook2 – a follow-on version of AddrBook that stores it data in a database, demonstrating Models and ModelForms.
  12. picture_list – A shared"to do list" that allows pictures to be posted, demonstrating use of uploading, storing, and sending images (and files, generally).
  13. ajax_todolist – A shared to do list implemented using AJAX. It refreshes it's list every five seconds.
  14. jquery_todolist – A shared to do list that uses jQuery in the front-end (with the same back-end as the previous AJAX to do list).
  15. signup – Use this application to sign up for a project demo.