Welcome to CMU Webapps

The AutoGrader and many of the course examples require you to login with your Andrew identity.
This website handles several things:
  1. Syllabus -- It provides a link to the course syllabus, which you should be sure to read. (This is the same syllabus that is posted on Piazza, Canvas, and the Professor's home page.)
  2. Homework #0 -- This site implements Homework #0, which lets you tell us your GitHub username so that we can create a repository there for you to use in this course. If you do not have a GitHub account, please go to https://github.com to create one, and then do this Homework #0 You must login with your Andrew ID to do HW#0.
  3. AutoGrader -- This site provides login support for the automated course homework grader. You must login with your Andrew ID to access the AutoGrader.
  4. It demonstrates a cloud deployment of several of the course examples. More will be added as the course progresses. Here's what's running, now:
    • intro -- A few simple, "HelloWorld-like" examples